Asset Monetization Business

The Opportunity
Elate Partners' Asset Monetization Business, conducted in association with PA Asset Advisors, attempts to take advantage of a substantial opportunity involving China-based assets for US and other western-based financial institutions, family offices and other investors.

As the world’s second largest economy, China also has an asset base that is the world's second highest in aggregate value. As the Chinese economy slows, asset holders are seeking a more globalized allocation of their assets. In addition to investing cash in better-performing, developed economies such as the US, they are also seeking to monetize their China-based assets for such purposes. This need is not adequately addressed from within the country, where state-owned banks that dominate the financial sector are known for rigid standards, lack of asset class specilization, out-of-date practices and high costs. As a result, a huge amount of assets are not efficiently leveraged, creating a lucrative and potentially huge opportunity. With the right partner and approach and some entrepreneurship, finance providers in the west can gain access to previously untapped, huge and diverse asset base in China.

Elate Partners, through its unique access to Chinese asset holders and intimate knowledge of the intricate Chinese financial and legal environment, has gained access to at least US$10B of ready-to-be-monetized Chinese assets, and has designed and validated innovative and safe ways to allow monetization with western-based finance providers. We invite US- and other western-based partners to join us in providing financing solutions based on these assets.

The Assets
The assets accessible to us that can be collateralized for financing are of a large variety as well as quality. For variety we have real estate (land and building, commercial, industrial as well as residential), mines and forests, precious metals (actual stored as well as rights), fine jewelry and fine arts, manufacturing equipment, personal belongings, stocks of publically-listed companies and shares of profitable private businesses, and future income streams (highway tolls, for example, even future tax revenues and government grants). In short, whatever types of collaterals are needed, we either already have the intent from prospective clients or we can get them quickly. 

What We’re Looking for
We envision direct loans backed by these assets, offered by institutions or organizations that are appropriate for (and specialize in) the class and quality of the assets. We also envision “bundling” different assets for optimum assets to cash ratio and best possible terms. We look beyond top-tier banks who only deal with “prime” assets and into institutions that have the experience and expertise in dealing with a variety of asset quality. More fundamentally, we look forward to working with partners who are familiar with the intricacies of, and well connected within, the western financial community, and who is proficient in billion dollar transactions that this effort is surely going to turn into.

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